Brandon and Thomeshi Davis have been married for 11 years. They are proud parents of Briley and Braven. The Davis’ have served as lead pastors in Dallas, TX and as student pastors at Impact Church in Jacksonville for over 10 years. Brandon and Thomeshi have a huge heart for God and are excited to love and encourage people by starting a life-giving church in the Orlando area.


Growing up in Detroit, Brandon experienced gang violence and bullying. He constantly questioned his worth because of how he was treated. He tried to gain significance by conforming to and following the crowd. He discovered that his pursuit would only leave him empty. He couldn’t measure up to religion’s impossible rules and regulations, so he sank deep into depression and struggled with thoughts of self-harm. He hit rock bottom. But God met him right where he was. God’s love lifted Brandon out of the pit of despair and steadied his steps. Religion’s impossible rules says that people must climb their way out of their mess to get to God, but relationship says that Jesus climbed down from His throne to lift us from our mess. Impact’s mission is to point people to a relationship with Jesus.


Visit Us Sunday at 10am at 2900 Upper Park Rd, Orlando, FL 32814

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